Sanders, Michelle


8th Grade Mathematics Honors Ms. Sanders 2016-2017  

                                              COURSE SYLLABUS

TEXTBOOK: Prentice Hall Mathematics Pre-Algebra   TOPICS COVERED: Alabama CCRS COS 8th Grade and Some Algebra I Standards. Units will include: The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Statistics and Probability, Geometry.

EXPECTATIONS AND RULES:                 

           1.  Be Respectful                                                                                            2.  Be seated and stay in your seat unless permission is given to get up                    3.  Be quiet (except for cooperative learning assignments and partner work                   4.  Be prepared -You should have all supplies when you enter the classroom                      and your pencil already sharpened or have extra lead                                            5.  Do your work—STAY ON TASK                                                                             6.  Follow directions and CLASS PROCEDURES                                                                  7.  NO food, drinks, or gum in the classroom                                                       8.  NO electronics—cell-phones, i-pods, etc, EXCEPT ON BYOD DAYS                       9.  Be on time!!                                                                                                          10. Complete all Assignments and turn in on time 


           1. Get to class on time with all supplies-you may not go back to get them                     unless you use one of your passes.                                                                              2. Place homework in homework basket and be seated                                         3. Begin the warm up while being quiet (5 minutes to complete after bell                   rings)—Projected on front board.                                                                         4. Homework is given back and the teacher will review                                                    5. Prepare for lesson- this may include all or one of the following: have                   textbook or AMSTI book opened to the correct page (written or projected                   on board) label and date paper for notes, find partner and begin                                  activity, get into your groups and begin activity, and/or begin individual                        work.                                                                                                                                        6. Ending Activity—Exit slip, 1,2,3, sticky note pin up, summarize what you                    have learned, etc                                                                                           7. Clean up your area and throw trash away on your way out of class

DISCIPLINE STEPS: Failure to follow the rules and/or class procedures will result in the following:  1. WARNING 2.PARENT NOTIFICATION 3. WRITE-UP

PLEASE NOTE: Major violations as defined in the Student Code of Conduct will result in office referral

NOTEBOOKS: NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS. One 3-ringed binder with pocket dividers. The sections will be: Warm ups, notes, homework, other. This notebook will be graded one time per nine weeks while homework and warm ups, notes will be checked daily or weekly. (SYLLABUS MUST BE FIRST PAGES IN NOTEBOOK)

PASSES: Emergencies do occur so each student will be given 3 passes per nine weeks to use anytime he/she leaves the room during class time unless needed by the office. If unused, the passes may be turned in at the end of nine weeks for bonus points. If you lose the passes, then you may not borrow from another student and will not be allowed to leave.  When you leave you must sign out on the clip board completely and place filled out pass in the basket and take the hall pass with you. *

GRADES:  You will have several grades per nine weeks:  homework, warm-ups, notebook grade, class-work, projects, group participation points, quiz, tests, final exam,etc. All grades are averaged together to get final average (add all the points and divide by the points possible).

MAKE-UP WORK: SEE STUDENT HANDBOOK FOR MAKE-UP WORK POLICY. All make up work will be found in crate in your period folder with your name on it. When you have completed all make up work place in folder in crate marked finished make up work.* (This is for excused absences only)

ZEROS, INCOMPLETE AND OR LATE ASSIGNMENTS: This is an Honor's Class and no late work will be accepted unless you have had an excused absence or school related absence---Your parent will be notified upon the second zero grade and if this is due to you needing extra help, then the teacher is available before school 7:20-7:40 on Wednesdays unless the teacher has morning duty. Also, you will be given a list of websites that offer free tutoring.

SUPPLIES: 1. Binder with notebook paper and divider pockets, 2. Pencils and colored pencils, 3. Graph paper 4. CALCULATOR—this is listed on 8th grade supply list. 5. Additional supplies may include items for a group assignment and the parent will have at least a week's notice

PLEASE CUT HERE AND SIGN AND RETURN BELOW:                                      

 Ms. Sanders 2016-2017 Syllabus---8th Honor's Mathematics

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Due Date:  BY   August 12, 2016—Friday   Your signature says that you have read the syllabus. I may be contacted at the school by calling 256-442-1095 and leaving a message (my planning period is during 1st and I may take your call) or emailing me at

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