Exploratory Syllabus


Exploratory Course Syllabus

 “Introduction to Spanish”

 Instructor:  Mrs. Staci Edmondson


Course Description:   Study of the fundamentals

                                of the Spanish language, with a concentration

                                on basic vocabulary and beginner dialogue.


·        To improve fundamental foreign language skills

·        To enhance knowledge of the Hispanic culture

·        To strengthen basic (daily) vocabulary

·         To build social skills through cooperative learning

·         To encourage creativity through artistic enhancement

·         To broaden study skills as well as test-taking skills

·         To aid students for future independent dialogue


Content Covered:

A.  Alphabet

B.  Numbers

C.  Greetings of Courtesy

D.  Colors

E.  Days of the Week

F.  Months

G.  Family Names

H.  Classroom Objects

I.   Classroom Commands

J.   Rooms of the House

K.  Clothing

L.   Foods

M.  Hispanic/Latino Country (Partner Project)

Grading System:  a.  Quizzes            d.  Vocabulary

                                 b.   Classwork       e.  Artwork   

      c.  Participation

Course Grade:  Derived by dividing the total number of points earned by

                          the number of points possible.

Total Points Earned:  1375 / 1500(Points Possible)= 92/A (Final Grade)

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