Syllabus for Advanced Language

Language Arts
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COURSE DESCRIPTION:  The student will participate in an extensive study of grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing, public speaking, and technological/research skills as outlined in theAlabama Course of Study via the Common Core Standards.
WEEKLY OUTLINE:  Students and parents may use INOW on our school's website to access my weekly lesson plans in order to know the material that we will be covering.  Please keep in mind that if your child is ever absent, the weekly outline will serve as his/her source for makeup work. 

MAKEUP WORK:  According to board policy, students have three days to make up work after an
 absence.  After three days, if the student has not made up missed classwork, homework, tests, projects, presentations, or any other assignment, he/she will receive a zero unless I have granted prior permission for an extension.  Please note that I will work with students and will grant them additional days to make up work due to extenuating circumstances.  Also, please remember that it is the student's responsibility to ask for makeup work.


 TEXTBOOK:  Writing Coach-----Reviews grammar and writing skills (Classroom Set Only) 

 LITERATURE BOOK:  Prentice Hall 7th Grade Literature (Classroom Set Only) 
CHROMEBOOKS:  To be used in class to conduct research, type essays, and to complete
assignments and quizzes/tests.


***Please Note:  All the above mentioned texts are provided to your child by the school; however, lost or stolen books will be the sole responsibility of the student/parent to whom they were provided.***   


(Topics to Be Covered)


Study skills, library skills, etymology, prefixes, suffixes, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, four kinds of sentences, subjects/predicates, conjunctions, simple/compound sentences, end marks, commas, semi-colons, elements of writing---concentration on journals and narrative writing,  and the novel---Sounder.


Common nouns, proper nouns,  capitalization, , plurals, possessive nouns, appositives, action verbs, linking verbs, helping verbs, verb phrases, verb tenses, intransitive/transitive verbs, subject/verb agreement, apostrophes, hyphens, underlining, quotation marks, partner fable art/writing project,  an oral  “Fable” presentation, and the novel---The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle .



Perfect Tenses of verbs, principal parts of verbs, active and passive voice, subject/verb agreement, pronouns/antecedents, complex sentences, expository “Why?” composition


Adjectives, adverbs, misplaced modifiers, prepositional phrases, figurative language, descriptive compositions, propaganda,  and persuasive compositions.

Continue prepositions; begin interjections, parenthetical expressions, introductory clauses and phrases, infinitives, and gerunds; review all eight parts of speech; and conduct an extensive standardized testing review.


Literary focus--- a concentration on fables, mythology, poetic artistry, the novel---The Outsiders,  a novel-related research project, and a Power Point presentation.  


***Literature, such as short stories, folktales, myths, and poetry will be incorporated throughout the course of the year.***


TESTS:      Students will generally have two to three major chapter tests (grammar)  during the nine weeks, ranging from 100-200 points each.    Vocabulary and spelling tests may be given periodically throughout the year, particularly in relation to our reading focus; however, many vocabulary words usually appear on literature tests, as part of the related text. 


GRADING SYSTEM:       a.  chapter tests         c.  classwork      f.  pop quizzes     

                                                  b. vocabulary tests   d.  homework    g.  oral presentations 

                                                  e.  writing                    h.  projects      

Students’ grades will be derived from dividing the cumulative total of points students have earned by the total points possible.



EXAMPLE:  Student earned:  1,425 points

                       Points Possible:  1,500 points

                        Overall Grade:  95/A


*** Please note that the above-mentioned schedule per nine weeks is tentative.  If changes have to be made, your child will be notified well in advance. Thank you!



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