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Course Title: 7th Grade Citizenship and World Geography

Course Description:   Citizenship and World Geography are divided into two eighteen-week courses.  In Citizenship, students learn the meaning of civic participation as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens.  They learn ways to become a responsible citizen making a positive difference in their community, nation, and world. Civics and Government, also taught during this segment, incorporate strands of economics, geography, history, and political science.  In the one-semester Geography course, students increase their knowledge about the physical nature of the world and about the relationships between people and their environment.  Focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere, students also study geography in the context of economics, politics, and culture.


Course Text:   Glencoe:  Geography – The World and Its People

                         Glencoe:  Citizenship, Economics, & You

Materials:      1. notebook

                        2. #2 pencils

                        3. Colored pencils

Grading:         Chapter tests: 100 points

                        Selected class/home work assignments: grades vary

                        Notebook (accumulation of various class assignments): 100 points

                        Current events grades: 20 points per week

Course Outline:          I.          Civics

a.                   Democracy and Citizenship

b.                  The Constitution

c.                   The Bill of Rights and other Amendments

d.                  The National Government

e.                   Comparative Government with other countries

f.                    State and Local Government

g.                   Economics

h.                   Civil and Criminal Law:  Play By the Rules Program (excellent program developed at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law)


II.         World Geography

a.                   Map Skills

b.                  Physical Geography

c.                   Culture’s of the World

d.                  The Middle East

e.                   Africa

f.                    Europe

g.                   Asia

h.                   U.S. Foreign Relations

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