Veteran's Day 2018 - Special Classroom Speakers
We would like to thank some very special veteran's that came to speak to my students. First we would like to thank Colonel Joe Creel, who was invited by Olivia Cardwell to come and speak to our class. Colonel Creel served in the Army in Germany, Egypt, Isreal, the Pentagon and at the Dept of Defense. His military writings are being preserved at the Jimmy Carter Congressional Library.

Our very own hero, SRO Office Picakrd, visited our classes also. Officer Prickard served and continues to serve in the Army National Guard, in the Military Police Unit. He was deployed for active duty to Afghanistan and to Iraq.

In one of the pictures you will see Ethan Davis as he skypes with hsi uncle, Captain Robert Davis, who is currently serving in the US Army. Captain Davis has been deployed twice to Afghanistan.

Also pictured are Laundry and London Davis interviewing their great grandfather, U. S. Navy WWII veteran, William B. White. Mr. White resides in Mississippi and is 96 years old.

Click here to see pictures of our speakers.