6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

Brett Bowers


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Course Content:

The content for this class is based on the objectives of the Alabama Course of Study for Sixth Grade Social Studies. Students cover topics of American History, Geography, and Citizenship. We will begin with the American Civil War and work to the present.


Course Text:

Deverell, W., White, D. (2015). United States History: Civil War to the Present, Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.



Composition Notebook, Notebook Paper, Pencil, Highlighter Colored Pencils, Scissors, Tape



Nine week grades will be calculated by dividing points earned by points possible.



Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments.

  • Classwork / Homework - Any assignments which are to be completed in class or at home. Up to 50 points. Most classwork will be taped into notebooks and graded during notebook checks.
  • Quizzes - Short assessments, often vocabulary. Up to 50 points
  • Notebook Check - Completed after each chapter. All work must be taped into notebook, in order, and completed. Minimum of 100 points. (Lost notebooks will need to be redone and will not be given a time extension).
  • Test - Completed after each learning unit/chapter. 100 points.
  • Project - Projects will be assigned throughout the school year. Usually worth at least 200 points.

Students caught copying or cheating on any assignment will receive a grade of 0 (zero), and will not be allowed to redo the assignment.  


Parent Communication:

E-mail is always the best way to reach me. Feel free to email me at anytime.

Textbook / Course Outline:  

Ch. 1 – The Civil War

Ch. 2 – Reconstruction

Ch. 3 – Westward Expansion

Ch. 4 – The Industrial Age

Ch. 5 – Immigration and Urbanization

Ch. 6 – Progressive Reform

Ch. 7 – America as a World Power

Ch. 8 – World War I

Ch. 9 – The Roaring Twenties

Ch. 10 – The Great Depression

Ch. 11 – World War II

Ch. 12 – The Cold War

Ch. 13 – The Civil Rights Movement

Ch. 14 – The Vietnam War

Ch. 15 – Searching for Order

Ch. 16 – America Looks to the Future