Blog Rules

Blogging allows you and I to communicate and share ideas, opinions, and stories in a way that is less formal than an essay or research paper. It can be fun, but we must remember that you are writing for your Language teacher. There are some criteria for you to meet in order to receive credit for your posts. When you post your comment, it will not instantly appear in the comments section of the blog. I will receive an email notifying me that you have a comment up for approval. Once I have approved your response, then it will appear on the page. Please do not keep re-sending your post as this creates multiple emails. If there is a problem with your post, I will notify you via the registered email, and I will speak with you in class the following day.

These are the guidelines you must meet in order for your blog to be approved:

1. First and foremost, you must maintain a respectful tone in your response. Do not use language that is offensive. Any form of cyberbullying will be reported to the office immediately. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. Be courteous and constructive in your reponses.

2. You must write in complete sentences. Text lingo will no be allowed.

3. If you have a gross amount of grammar and mechanical errors, you will not be approved.

I hope that you enjoy the antecdotes I share with you, and I am certainly looking forward to learning things about you and from you. Happy Blogging!