Class Rules

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be Responsible.
    1. Be on time! You will sign the tardy slip located on the door if you are late and do not have a pass. Three signatures on the door result in a write up.
    2. Be attentive! Students are expected to pay careful attention to instructions, take notes, thoroughly check homework, ask questions, and use class time wisely to begin assignments.
    3. Be prepared!Class begins as soon as you come in the room. You will need to have your materials out (homework, paper, textbook, and sharpened pencils).

When a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to check on make-up work when they return to school. Any assignment not made up or turned in within 3 days will result in a grade of “0”.

     B. Be Respectful!

1. Do not talk while the teacher or others are talking. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Show respect to others in the class. This also includes being respectful of the materials in the classroom and in the school.

2. I will handle discipline in my classroom as much as possible. Every inappropriate behavior will result in some method of punishment which could include but is not limited to: write-ups, break detention, in-school suspension, paddling, or out-of-school suspension (which is handled by the principal or assistant principal). You will be expected to follow the Etowah County Schools Code of Student Conduct. Please read this handbook with your parent and return the student acknowledgement form.