Social Studies Syllabus


6th Grade Social Studies

Teacher – Cindy Swann

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Course Content:

The content for this class is based on the objectives of the Alabama Course of Study for 6th Grade Social Studies and standards for state testing. Students will cover topics of American History, Geography, and Citizenship.

Materials: Students will have access to a hardcopy of the textbook, U.S. History Civil War to the Present, in the classroom. Students will be given a username and password to access an online version of the text at home.  In addition to the textbook, the student will need the following materials: wide ruled notebook paper, 2 composition notebooks, white construction paper, #2 pencils, colored pencils, scissors, tape, and glue.

Grading Procedure:

Homework – Homework will be assigned periodically and select assignments will be graded. These grades will be averaged into the final grade for the 9 weeks.

Classwork – Select class work assignments will be graded and averaged into the final grade for the 9 weeks. (Examples: notes, maps, diagrams, study guides, reports, various written assignments.

Projects – 100 point projects will be assigned at various times throughout the year.

Tests – Chapter tests and Unit tests will conclude each section.

If you are caught cheating on any homework, chapter test, unit test, or project you will receive a zero for the assignment and your parents will be notified.

Grades will be determined by a numerical average by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible per nine weeks.

Parent Communication:

Students are responsible for writing down their assignments for each class. This is one way we reinforce responsibility. At the beginning of the year I remind the students to do this daily in order to develop a habit. Later on it is up to them to remember to write it down. I will send a progress report home for your signature at the middle of the grading period. Report cards are issued at the end of each grading period. The easiest way to get in touch with me is e-mail. I can’t leave class to make phone calls, but e-mails pop up on my screen immediately and response is more prompt. If you should desire a conference, please call the office for an appointment during my planning time.


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6th Grade Social Studies Curriculum:


Ch. 1 – The Civil War

Ch. 2 – Reconstruction

Ch. 3 – Westward Expansion

Ch. 4 – The Industrial Age

Ch. 5 – Immigration and Urbanization

Ch. 6 – Progressive Reform

Ch. 7 – America as a World Power

Ch. 8 – World War I

Ch. 9 – The Roaring Twenties

Ch. 10 – The Great Depression

Ch. 11 – World War II

Ch. 12 – The Cold War

Ch. 13 – The Civil Rights Movement

Ch. 14 – The Vietnam War

Ch. 15 – 1968 -1988

Ch. 16 – 1998 – Present


We also include all College Career Ready Standards as set by the Alabama State Department of Education.



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