Science Syllabus
Course Standards
*The students will be expected to follow all class rules.
*The students are to come to class prepared each day.
*All assignments must be completed and turned in on time.
*The students will be expected to follow all guidelines in the student handbook.

*Pencils, paper, colored pencils and/or crayons, glue, scissors
*A composition notebook to be used for SCIENCE ONLY
*Earth Science (McGraw Hill) textbook and AMSTI

Grading Procedure
*Homework: Homework will be assigned periodically and checked. A grade WILL BE GIVEN for homework.
*Composition Notebook: Notes, labeled drawings, and other class work will be completed in composition notebook.
*Test and quizzes will be given on lessons and units.
*Grades will be given for various activities, drawings, projects, demonstration, and experiments.
*Group projects and experiments WILL BE ASSIGNED and participation grades will be givien.

Course Content
The content of this course will be determined by the objectives stated in the Alabama Course of Study and the Common Core Standards for Earth Science.

Thank you,
Jennifer Kilgo