Course Content Language Arts

Requirements for 6th Grade Language Arts are taken from the Alabama State Course of Study and ARMT objectives. These include reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and presenting.


Grammar Workbook (provided by teacher)

Literature Textbook

Pencils, loose leaf paper

General supplies from the supply list

Grading Policy and Test:

*Students will receive points for each completed homework assignment. Each time homework is not completed the student will receive a zero.

*Grades will be taken from various writing assignments throughout the 9 weeks.

*Students will receive grades from vocabulary and reading comprehension tests.

Parent Communication:

Students are responsible for writing down their homework assignments for each class. This is one way we reinforce responsibility. At the beginning of the year I remind students to do this daily in order to develop a habit. Later on it is up to them to remember to write it down.

Grades can be viewed online by using the password issued from the front office. Report cards are also issued at the end of each grading period as well as Progress Reports in the middle of the 9 weeks.

The easiest way to keep in touch with me is by e-mail. I cannot leave my class to make phone calls, but e-mails pop up on my screen immediately and response is more prompt. If you should desire a conference, please call the office for an appointment during my planning time.

Thank you,

Beverly Neal