Course Content for Science

The content of this course will be determined by the objectives stated in the Alabama Course of Study for Science and the ACT Aspire objectives for 6th grade science. The students will be expected to follow all class rules. The students are to come to class prepared each day. All assignments must be completed and turned in on time. The students will be expected to follow all guidelines in the student handbook.

  • First Nine Weeks- Exploring the Sun Earth Moon System
  • Second Nine Weeks- Exploring Planetary Systems
  • Third Nine Weeks- Understanding Weather and Climate
  • Fourth Nine Weeks- Exploring Plate Tectonics


  • Pencils, paper, composition book, colored pencils, tape, and scissors.
  • A composition notebook to be used for SCIENCE ONLY.
  • Holt Science and Technology Earth Science textbook.
  • Science and Technology Concepts - Smithsonian Institution NSRC
  • Science Fee- $5.00- cash or make checks payable to RMS (NOT TEACHER)

Grading Procedure:

  • Homework: Homework will be assigned periodically and checked. Varying point amounts will be earned for homework.
  • Composition Notebook: Notes, labeled drawings, and other class work will be completed in the composition notebook.  Organization and keeping work caught up are two major goals of using the composition book.
  • Test and quizzes will be given on lessons and units.
  • Points will be earned for various activities, drawings, projects, demonstrations, presentations, and experiments.
  • Group projects and experiments will be assigned and participation points will be earned.
  • Extra Credit opportunities will be announced for a whole class and not assigned on an individual basis.  
  • Bonus points are occasionally earned based on extra effort and care that a student individually exhibits through their work.
  • A deduction in a students own points earned on a graded assignment may be deducted if care is not taken when grading another classmates work. 
  • Students will not be allowed to return to their locker for work that should be with them in class.  A zero will be earned if the assignment is asked for and not available to be turned in by the student in class.  Students must be prepared and have all work with them in class.  

Grades will be determined by a numerical average by dividing the total points earned by the total number of points possible per 9 weeks.

Parent Communication:

Students are responsible for writing down their homework assignments each day. This is one way to reinforce responsibility. At the beginning of the year I will remind students to do this daily in order to develop a habit. Later on it is up to them to remember to write it down. Grades can be viewed online using iNOW home. The user name and password can be obtained from the front office. The easiest way to get in touch with me is by e-mail. I cannot leave my class to make phone calls, but I am able to easily check email through the day and at times a response is more prompt. Please allow 24 hours for a response in case I am unable to get back with you the same day.  If you should desire a conference, please call the front office for an appointment during my planning time.

**Any student caught cheating on homework, quizzes, or tests will receive a zero for the assignment and parents will be notified.   When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to ask for any work missed, complete it, and return work within three days. Any assignment not made up within three days will receive a grade of zero.

Thank you,

Joy Russell


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