Mrs. Bowers - 7th grade Math

To Parents: Please feel free to contact me by calling the school at 256-442-1095 or by email at if you have any concerns about how your child is doing in this math class. You can also keep a check on your child’s assignments and grades on INow.

Materials Needed:

3 ring binder


Loose Leaf Paper (Wide or College ruled)

Calculator (TI-30X recommended)


Textbook (Textbooks will be assigned within the first few days of school.)

*Note: Zip-up binders are not allowed in the classroom.

Class Rules:

Be On Time (Be in your seat and ready to start class.)

Be Prepared (Bring your book, pencil, and paper to class every day.)

Be Respectful (Respect everyone and everything in the class.)

Be Responsible (Take responsibility for your actions.)

Class Expectations: 1. Be in your seat and working when the tardy bell rings. 2. Do not talk without permission. 3. Do not get out of your seat without permission. 4. Turn in assignments on the day they are due. (Assignments turned in after the due date will result in points being deducted.) 5. If you are absent it is your responsibility to get the assignments you missed.


1st offense: Verbal warning.

2nd offense: Break detention and Assistant Principal will be alerted.

3rd offense: Discipline paragraphs, parent contact, and Assistant Principal will be alerted.

4th offense: Office referral.

Grading Policy:

Problem of the day: 2 points each (Approximately 10 points each week)

Homework: 10 points each

Classwork: varies in points

Quizzes: 50 points

Tests: 100 points

Homework: Homework will be given on a regular basis and will be due the day after it is assigned. (Exception: Homework that is assigned on Fridays will be due the following Tuesday.) Each homework assignment will be graded. Homework that is turned in should be legible and complete. Work must be shown. A list of answers will not be accepted. Students are expected to try their best. It is more important to try and get a wrong answer than to not try at all.

Students will be given a 9 week calendar to keep in their math binder to write their assignments down on each day. This will be taken up at the end of the 9 weeks for a participation grade. Students are expected to keep up with this.

Bonus point opportunities: Students can do the vocabulary for each chapter for bonus points. The vocabulary words can be found on the first page of each section. Definitions must be the definitions from the glossary in the back of the book. Each vocabulary word and definition is one bonus point (if a chapter has 20 vocabulary words a student can earn 20 bonus points). These must be turned in BEFORE the chapter test in order to receive the bonus points (Chapter 1 vocabulary must be turned in before the test on Chapter 1).

Course Objectives: The objectives for this course will correspond with the Alabama Course of Study.

Topics to be covered in Regular 7th grade math class:

Algebraic Reasoning

Integers and Rational Numbers

Applying Rational Numbers

Proportional Relationships



Collecting, Displaying, and Analyzing Data

Geometric Figures

Measurement and Geometry


Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities Topics to be covered in Advanced 7th grade math class: Integers Rational Numbers Graphs and Functions Exponents and Roots Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity Geometric Relationships Measurement and Geometry Multi-Step Equations Graphing Lines Data, Prediction, and Linear Functions