7th Grade Language


Mrs. Leonhardt’s Class Syllabus

Email: jordan_leonhardt@ecboe.org
Supplies: 1 Composition Notebook 3 Ring Binder with paper Subject Dividers Colored Pencils (optional) Pencil/Pen Index Cards
Make Up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to see me to get his/her work made up. The amount of time given to complete the makeup work will correspond to the number of days the student is out. If the student is out one day, he/she must make up the work and turn in within three days. If the student is out a week, he/she will have more time (usually up to a week) to make up the work.
Grading: All work will be graded on an individual basis. There will be no graded group work assignments. The majority of assessments will be quizzes, class work, participation, and exams. This will allow an accurate assessment of the student’s educational needs.
Daily Reading Practice: Daily Reading Practices (DRP) will be completed by each student in the first five minutes of class each day. Each student has a section in his/her notebook for DRP, and they are labelled by weeks. He/She uses the same passage for the week and answers questions regarding subject, main idea, genre, author’s purpose, vocabulary, structure, and summarizing. Answers are discussed daily, and a test similar to a notebook test will be completed. Organization is necessary.
Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to come to class prepared to work and will receive a participation grade. If students fully  participate in daily class activities, each student will receive 50 points at the end of each 9 weeks. If students fail to be prepared for class or conduct misbehaviors in class, the student will forfeit his/her chance of receiving full credit.
Vocabulary: One of the most difficult areas of reading any type of literature is understanding vigorous vocabulary. In order to better prepare my students, I have chosen to teach the meanings of certain root words, prefixes, and suffixes. Each student will be expected to copy vocabulary terms and definitions each week. Approximately 5-10 words will be taught and tested once a week. Each Tuesday will consist of only vocabulary. Students will review the weekly lesson, be tested on the weekly lesson, and be given new vocabulary terms and definitions for the upcoming week. Students will have a complete 7 days to learn each term before being assessed. Studying in necessary for success in this area.
Spelling: In order to prepare my students to be better writers, they must know how to spell commonly used words. Students will be given 5-10 spelling words each Monday.  A spelling test will be given each Friday and will be worth a total of 50 points. Because technology has evolved so greatly, I believe it is imperative for students to realize the importance of spelling and  know how to correctly spell words with paper and pencil.
Homework: I am a firm believer in kids having time to enjoy with family, friends, and the outdoors after school is dismissed; therefore, the only homework students will have is to study for upcoming quizzes or exams. If a student fails to complete work in class due to misbehavior or misjudgement of time, he/she will be required to complete the work for homework. Assigned projects may be assigned as homework but class time for completion will be given as well.
Cell Phones and Devices: CCell phones, tablets, and other devices are great assets to a BYOD classroom. However, there are many times when they will not be used. To eliminate any usage during my instructional times, students will be expected to leave all devices in their lockers. Devices that are out during my class (whether seen or heard) will be taken up and turned into Administration for disciplinary purposes.  I will inform students when they will be allowed to bring their device(s) for instructional purposes only.

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