Rainbow Middle School

7th Grade Science

Instructor: Ben Simmons

Text: Holt- 7th Life Science

Course objectives:

  • Students will learn various concepts in science with main focus being on the Alabama Course of Study.
  • Students will develop safe practices for lab and hands-on activities.
  • Students will develop skills for working in groups.
  • Students will develop critical thinking skills.


Class Rules:

    1. Be on time for class.
    2. Be prepared for class, bring all needed materials.
    3. Be respectful! Respect your teacher, your classmates and their property.
    4. Do not talk without teacher’s permission. Listen and follow instructions.



1st offense: Verbal warning and documentation in your file.

2nd offense: 1st notice to parents, break detention and documentation in your file.

3rd offense: 2nd parent conference and documentation in your file.

4th offense: Referral to administration. (See additional school policy discipline plan)


Grading policy:

Grades will be calculated from chapter tests, quizzes, individual and group projects, lab reports, class participation and science notebooks. Student grades are determined by taking the total number of points earned during a grading period and dividing by the number of points possible for that grading period.


Make-up and late work:

It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and complete make-up work. Make-up assignments must be completed in a reasonable amount of time (3 days for any excused absence). If a student refuses to make-up missed assignments this will result in a failing grade for the assignment.



Students will be given outside of the class projects and assignments. These are expected to be treated like any other assignment and finished on time.


Statement of Accommodation:

All necessary accommodations will be made for 504 and IDEA students in this class. The teacher will follow each individual student’s IEP or 504 plan as instructed.


Contact Information: School phone 256-442-1095     /   

 E-mail- Please feel free to contact me anytime!