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Seventh & Eighth Grade Mathematics

Mrs. Amy Barron


Course Objectives: Objectives covered correlate to the *Common Core Standards

Course Text: Holt McDougall (7th and 8th)     Glencoe (Algebra 1)

Grading System: Each student’s 9 week’s grade is determined by averaging total number of points earned by the total number of points possible. The source of these points is-

   *warm ups--approx. 6 pts. each--given 4 days per week
   *classwork/homework--pts. vary by how many probs. attempted--given daily 

   *tests--100 pts. each
   *worksheets after each test--pts. vary by number correct
   *quizzes--10 pts. each--given at random
   *bonus points--various opportunities each 9 weeks


Materials: *notebook with pockets *paper *pencils *textbook *pen/hilighter

Students should have these items daily. Failure to do so could lead to disciplinary action if it becomes habitual. Any other supplies such as graph paper, ruler, etc. will be provided by the teacher.

Rules: 1) Be seated and working on warmup when class begins
           2) Do not leave your seat without permission.
           3) No talking while I am talking. Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.
           4) Do not disturb others.
           5) Bring supplies to class daily.
           6) Work from the beginning of the class to the end
           7) I will dismiss the class, not the clock!

Consequences: Any Class 1 offense will result in any or all of the following: warning, written assignment, parent notification, or detention. Any other offense will be handled via the office.

Statement of Accommodation: Any necessary accommodations will be provided for students meeting the requirements for special services.

Goal: To instill in each child a desire to do math to the best of his/her ability, and to show students the logic behind math in order to decrease any "math anxiety" , and to show students that math can be fun.

Important Facts: * Please feel free to call me at 442-1095 or e-mail me at to talk or to set up a conference.

*Classwork/homework will be assigned daily. Occasionally, a student may finish the assignment in class, but this is not common. Please check on your child to see that homework is being completed. You may access assignments on-line, also.

*It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work from an excused absence and turn it in to me within 3 days. Assignments for the week are posted on the homework board at the back of the room. This way the student can copy down any missed assignments upon return to school.

*Any time a student must return to his/her locker to retrieve books, materials, or work, either a tardy will be issued or the assignment will not receive full credit. Students should always come to class prepared.

*****In the past, I have found it enormously helpful in keeping students organized if they will use one large binder for all subjects. It should be divided off by subjects, have pockets for handouts, and have a pencil pouch in front for pencils, pens, hi-liters, extra lead, etc.

Course Outline: The following is a general idea of what your child will be studying this year in my class. This is by no means an exhaustive list.


*Rational Numbers                                       *Measurement and Geometry

*Graphs and Functions                                 *Multi-Step Equations

*Exponents and Roots                                 *Graphing Lines

*Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity               *Data, Prediction, and Linear Functions

*Geometric Relatinships


Algebra 1

*Integers                                                         *Linear Equations and Functions

*Linear Equations                                            *Graphing

*Exponents and Exponential Functions             *Quadratic Equations and Functions

*Polynomials and Factoring                             *Rational Equations and Functions


   *Note for Algebra 1 students...grades will be weighted with tests counting 50%, warmups 25%, and homework 25% of the final 9 weeks grade.  Students will also be required to take an End of Course exam and this will count 10% of the students final yearly grade.  Successful completion of this course counts as a high school credit.

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