Roman Webquest




If our present day technology allowed us to travel BACK in time, how would you respond to the question:  "How has ancient Roman civilization impacted life today?"


Step 1. You will be assigned to a team of two to three students to one of the following Roman topics:

            “Rome Was Not Built In A Day” – origins of how Rome began

“All Roads Lead To Rome” – geography of Roman Empire and construction of Roman              roads and aqueducts

“When In Rome, Do As the Romans” – Roman daily life: family, government, sports, entertainment

            “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (“I Came, I Saw, I Conquered”) – Roman emperors

            “Gifts of the Romans”– Contributions of the Roman civilization

From Myths to Christianity – Roman gods, persecution of Christians, Constantine the Great, Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church

“All the King’s Horses Could Not Put Rome Together Again” – the Fall of Rome and the Split of two empires

            “Brave Hearts” – Roman soldiers and gladiators

Step 2. Each group member will have a different job assignment:

            “Caesar the Notetaker” – writes notes from Web sites

            “Maximus the Researcher – surfs the Web

            “Spartacus the Organizer” – organizes work of the team

            “Gracchus the Techy” – creates design of Powerpoint


Step 3. Each group is to research information on ancient Rome using the following Web sites:

Step 4. Once you have done preliminary research you will then carry out your specific job while researching Websites to gather specific information for a group project based on your group’s Roman topic. 

Step 5. After your research, the entire group will determine a project to display your research:  a PowerPoint, a Roman Newspaper, MovieMaker, performance of a play written by the group, or an illustrated children’s book.

Step 6. Each group will present their project to the class on an assigned day.


PowerPoint – must have minimum number of slides (see teacher), with graphics and information, may include animation and extras

Roman Newspaper – must design a 2 page newspaper displaying information as if your group was living during this time period, must have graphics and information
MovieMaker - must have a minimum number of slides (see teacher), with graphics and information


Written and Performed Play – must include all members and cover all information on your topic within the play.  Play must be typed with individual cast speaking parts

Illustrated Children’s Book – must include important information on your topic, must have graphics and typed information.

ASSESSMENT:  Each group will earn up to 25 points per day for research and project design; each group will earn up to 100 points for final project and presentation.