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REMIND: text 81010 @8thgrwh

 COURSE DESCRIPTION:  The study of world history in 8th grade addresses the time period from early civilizations and recorded history to the 1500s.  This course covers the migrations of early peoples, the rise of civilizations, the establishment of governments and religions, the growth of economic systems, and the ways in which these shaped Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. This course is designed to meet the standards of the Alabama Course of Study for 8th grade history. Students will engage in a variety of instructional activities, including, class discussion, note-taking, cooperative groups, and independent reading and research.

 COURSE TEXT:  Ancient Civilizations by Houghton, Mifflin, and Harcourt
                                 Online Textbook @ (parent/student tab)  or                                        @
MATERIALS:      $10.00 History Donation (class set Chromebooks? Kindles                                           One 1 inch binder, loose leaf paper, and 5 tabs
                                Pencils, colored pencils, one black sharpie and one ruler


  1. Grades will be derived by dividing the cumulative total of points by the total points possible.
  2. Progress Reports will be sent home the 4th week of each 9 week grade period.
  3. Grades will include unit tests, quizzes, notebook grade, map tests, class work, homework, independent projects, cooperative group projects, written/oral presentations, and blogging assignments.
  4. Students have 3 days to make up work after an excused absence.  Scheduled tests and assignments will be due the day the student returns to class.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to inquire about missed assignments.
  5. Parents and students are encouraged to check INOW and teacher webpage for assignments.  Please sign up up for REMIND classroom updates on your cell phone at  81010 @8thgrwh 

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONSEvery student has the right to an education and the teacher has the right to teach.  Therefore, ALL students are expected to abide by all classroom rules, school, and board policies. Behavior is a choice; and so are the consequences you may experience. 

  1. Show respect for others including teachers, staff, visitors, and classmates.

  2. Have positive work ethics and be prepared for class.  

  3. Wait for permission for questions or assistance (no blurting out).

  4. Food, gum, drinks, backpacks, or purses are not allowed in the classroom.

  5. Students must follow the Etowah County Technology Agreement regarding use of cell phones and/or technological devices. Cell phone/device policy will be strictly adhered to.

Consequences for not abiding by classroom rules, school, and board policies will be followed according to the Rainbow Middle School and the Etowah County Code of Conduct.  Parents will be contacted should conduct or work ethics become a problem.

Please keep this syllabus and return the attached form stating that parents and students have read this syllabus.