Classroom Rules
Class Rules :  1-  Be prepared for class EVERYDAY, this includes:  books, pen, pencil, and homework
                             2-  No food, gum, or drinks allowed in class.
                             3-  Be in the room when the bell rings.
                             4-  Stay in your desk.
                             5-  Do NOT talk while I’m talking, pay attention.
                             6-  YOU are responsible for any work/tests missed when absent, check the front calendar.
                             7-  Bathroom privileges are for emergencies only, go BEFORE class begins.
                             8-  Horseplay will NOT be tolerated in labs.
Disciplinary Actions:   1st offense:  warning

                                2nd offense:  parent notice and Break Detention (4 days)

                                3rd offense:  write up/office referral