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Dear Parent/Guardian,


I am pleased to introduce myself as your child’s Physics teacher.  I look forward to meeting with you on August 14th for Open House from 5:00-6:00.  Physics is a fun and exciting class.  We will be building roller coasters, cars, simple machines, and learning about Newton's Laws of Motion. Calculators can be used in class daily.  Math and Science are integrated into Physics and will be practiced weekly. I hope your child enjoys Science as much as I do!


It is very important that your child be here everyday.  They will not be able to make up any missed activities or labs.  They will, however, still be responsible for gathering the missed information/work from students in their lab group for tests and classwork grades.  Students need to be on their best behavior on lab day.  Horseplay will NOT be tolerated and could result in being dismissed from future labs.  I will be sending home a lab safety contract for you and your child to sign and return. Without this contract, your child will Not be able to participate in labs.


Lesson plans are kept up to date and at least 1 week ahead so that you know about upcoming tests, projects, etc.  You can keep up with your child’s grades and their daily lesson plans by using your child’s pin number for INOW – Information Portal.  It is the same number used in previous years.  If you have forgotten the password you can contact the front office for that information.


Please read over the course syllabus with your child and sign below.  Keep the syllabus and return the bottom half with your signature.  Feel free to contact me anytime by phone RMS – 442-1095 or by my school email account:  reguarding any questions you may have or to set up a conference.  I hope this will be an enjoyable and exciting year for your child. 






Natalie Phillips - Physics


Please sign indicating you have read the letter and course syllabus.  Cut and return the bottom half to Mrs. Phillips.




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 Needed Materials:  No. 2 pencils (NO PENS)

                                      $10.00 Science Fee

                                      1 bound Composition book (Black and White Marble) wide rule

                                      colored pencils

                                      glue sticks



       Class Rules :

 1-  Be prepared for class EVERYDAY

, including: books, pencil, and homework.                               2-  No food, gum, or drinks allowed in class at any time.                                                   3-  Be in the room when the bell rings.                                                                                  4-  Stay in your desk.                                                                                                          5-  Use materials for their intended purpose only.                                                                  6-  YOU are responsible for any work/tests missed when absent.                                          7-  Bathroom privileges are for emergencies only, go BEFORE class begins.                     8- Horseplay during labs will not be tolerated.


      Class work/Tests:
. Composition books will be graded weekly.  Tests will be given at the end
 every chapter.  AMSTI lab tests will be given at the end of every unit.  I recommend

      studying be done every night.  Physics is a challenging class that demands daily
  There will be NO makeup/extra work given to bring grades up.  The grade
      received reflects the 
studying and work ethics of the student.  All make-up work and           
      missed tests, due to absences,  
MUST be turned in or made up within three class days.
 There is no excuse for a zero on any assignment. 



       ***  Progress Reports will be sent out every 4 weeks.  Report cards will be sent
at the end of every 9 weeks.

          Cell Phones:   Cell phones are prohibited in class.  They MUST be kept in the locker, and
                                 turned off.  
 Students who are caught with cell phones on their person will
                                 have it taken up.  The
 FIRST offense will be a warning.  Every time after
                                 results in suspension.  Purses are to be kept 
in the lockers.  Book bags of any
                                 kind are not allowed in class.

      Course Content:   Alabama Physical Science includes areas of Physics and Chemistry.  The
 Course of Study will be followed.  The Standards and Objectives
                                   for the Alaba
High School Graduation Exam will also be taught.  Students in
                                   this course are expected 
to follow the school Academic Code of Conduct.
                                   Any student who receives a failing
 grade during this course is urged to
                                   discuss this with the teacher.