Parent Resources

Parents, please fill out the Needs Assessment Survey.  Knowing the needs of the school, helps the school counselor make the best decisions possible for the students and the counseling program.  Some of the questions may not apply to you because it is designed for the students, but Mrs. Haynie would love your input.

Needs Assessment Survey

There are 3 areas the school's guidance and counseling plan focuses on in order to help every student be successful.  They include

1) Academic Development
2) Personal/ Social Development
3) Career Development

Helpful Websites by Domain

1) Academic Development

Information Now

Alabama Course of Study Standards by Subject and Grade Level

2) Personal/Social Development

Anonymous Tips- Submit a Concern

Kids Health- resource includes information about your child's health issues This site has a wealth of information on all ages of children, and provides assistance to parents in need. 

Stop Bullying

This site provides information for parents dealing with a child with ADD/ADHD. 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Mental Health America- website provides information on how to recognize symptoms of depression, how you can help yourself or a friend, types of treatment and warning signs of suicide. 

Here are some websites to assist parents in talking to their children about the dangers of drugs:


3) Career Development