The RMS Library During Covid 19


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   Library Procedures During Coronovirus 2020 - 2021

     This school year is unlike any school year in the history of education. We started this year with many new rules and regulations to keep our students and faculty healthy and hopefully virus free. New rules and regulations were also implemented in our school library. As the school librarian, I want our parents to know that it is our desire to keep our students reading and enjoying coming to the library. I hope that your child is bringing their library books home to share with you. This is how we are checking out books this year:

1. Students have been taught how to login to our library online catalog and how to access our automation program, Destiny.

2. All students in the school have been taught how to search for books through Destiny. Students can search for a book by title, keyword, author, subject, or series. 

3. Students are required to write down the titles and the call numbers of the books that they would to check out and this information is given to Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown goes to the shelves (instead of all of the students) and locates and checks out the desired books. We have checked out books as a whole class and also individual students come to the library to check out and return their books. 

4. Every book is wiped down with disinfectant when the book is returned and is also held 72 hours before returning to the shelves. 
5. Our library also offers links to free online books through MackinVIA. Please check out the sites on my webpage for additional library resources. 

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to the new way of using our school library during this pandemic.  


Grace Brown
RMS Librarian